Epson launches new digital fabric printing site for fashion designers

Epson has launched a new destination microsite for digital fabric printing specifically for fashion designers. The new site was launched at Epson's Digital Couture Project and connects designers to printers, while also introducing them to new methods.

Digital printing offers designers a range of benefits including better color quality and faster production - Epson

Printing applications specifically curated on the new Epson digital fabric printing site include dye-sublimation, direct-to-garment, and direct-to-fabric printing on a variety of materials. The company says that designers will be able to use the site to search for a printing partner so they can develop their garments.

"Digital printing technology has changed every industry it's touched, and now it's revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering fashion designers amazing new ways to produce their designs on a range of fabrics," said Mark Radogna, Strategic Marketing, Epson America, Inc.

The launch of the new fashion designer digital printing site coincides with Epson rolling out two new digital fabric printers specifically for fashion textiles. Epson will rely on its new SureColor F9370 dye sublimation printer and its SureColor F2100 direct-to-garment printer to support its fashion textile printing initiative.

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