NYX Professional Makeup partners with Uber Eats for makeup and ice cream delivery campaign

NYX Professional Makeup has partnered with Uber Eats to offer a makeup and ice cream delivery campaign for its new Love You So Mochi launch. 

NYX has teamed up with Uber Eats for an original campaign launch - NYX Professional Makeup

NYX's Love You So Mochi campaign includes two eye shadow palettes with ten shades each, and two highlighting palettes with light-reflecting shades from glossy to glow. Eye palette colorways are in electric pastels and tonal skin-color neutrals, while highlighter palettes come in warm and cool tones.

Joyce Kim, VP of Product Development at NYX Professional Makeup called the Love You So Mochi collection "a fun treat for the senses."

For the official campaign kickoff, Uber Eats users in Los Angeles can order NYX Professional Makeup's mochi makeup palettes along with mochi ice cream through the food delivery app.

Ben Story, General Manager of Uber Eats said, "We're thrilled to use our technology to bring [the campaign] to life, delivering food – and makeup – exclusively to Los Angeles' beauty lovers."

The campaign takes place on January 8, 2018 which has been dubbed Mochi Monday by the brands. On that day, Uber Eats customers can order mochi ice cream from My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Snacks along with NYX Professional Makeup's Mochi palettes.

While the promotional product is free for the campaign, customers will be charged a nominal booking fee to order through the app. The Love You So Mochi highlighter palettes are regularly priced at $19 each, and the eye shadow palettes will sell for $20.

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